5 Things You Can Create Today

Yesterday I bought a shirt that says, "create something that will live forever." I picked it up and as I read it, I knew I had to have it. I'm super passionate about making stuff. Anything. I have a garage full of power tools, a studio full of paint, computers full of creation software, Pinterest boards full of ideas, party's I want to throw, rooms I want to decorate, food I want to make - well you get the point. 

To help you out I thought I'd come up with 5 things you can create today. 

1. Idea board - I'm not going to lie to you, Pinterest can easily turn into the black hole of modern technology. You may start out by looking for ideas to decorate for a party and in, what seems like a minute or two, you realize you just obsessed about the latest fashions of Ryan Reynolds for days. Keep it in check people. Make a new board and get those creative juices flowing.

2. Thank you cards - What better way to make someones day than say thanks for being awesome. I have found that keeping a bunch of kick A, hand-made, unique, thank you cards on hand, has come in purdy handy. Make a few out of things you already have and USE THEM. If they are funny cards and make you laugh - all the better. 

3. Food. Um - do you really need convincing here? Confession Session: I hate to cook. Mostly because I hate cleaning up the kitchen before, during, and after. I mean really, what's that all about? Can't I just be like Rachel Ray and show up in my perfect kitchen, make the perfect meal (with EVOO of course) and just move on to the fun tasting party? I LOVE to taste so I'll bite the bullet and make something if it looks scrumptious enough to eat. 

4. Memories. This is silly but sometimes I think we all forget the point of why we are doing things. Family events turn into an annoyance easily, we get friends together and watch our phones the entire time; we are a curious culture. I have to be reminded that the point, most of the time is to live. Make memories. WE can't go back, we don't know what the future is so live in the NOW and enjoy the memories while they are happening. #offmysoapbox

5. Paint. Duh. Go get a cheap set of water colors, I hear a little company called Crayola even makes a cheap one ;) Paint something. Even if its just a little something - paint. If you really don't have the energy to go to the store, round up a pen or a pencil and draw. Learn to let go. Don't be scared or afraid of failure. Give yourself permission to suck - it's quite freeing. 

It is said of the most successful people they trust and understand how their creative mind works; they embrace uncertainty, and they don't fear failure. 

I'll let you soak that up until your fingers get all pruny. What do you like to create? 

<3 Trisha