Screw Costco


I love a little bulk shopping as much as the next person but when it comes to art to put above your sofa -- forget Costco. I beg of you. 

Support friggin' real artists who want to develop their craft. Support artists who are brave enough to put their work out there. Supporting living artists is like buying at the local farmers market verses putting another buck in one of the Walmart sibling's pocket. Stop with the ikea prints people. There are so many talented artists creating reasonably priced pieces of art in the world. Plus plus plus -- it's SO accessible! 


Artfinder or Etsy or crazy girls who blog about knife painting -- insert shameless plug here. You don't have to visit a gallery to buy quality art. Google the crap out of it. Find something you love, something that speaks to you and take the plung. Become an art collector for the first time. Leave not just a painting behind but a story for your grandkids to discuss with thier grandkids. 

I know my fellow artist will appreciate the love. 

As another shameless plug, I'm offering custom, made-to-ordered, black and white pallette knife portraits on gallery wrapped 14x14x1.5 (ready to hang) canvas, for a $100. 

Chew on that one, Costco.