Beehive Bazaar - Provo Startup Building.

Lessons learned at the Beehive Bazaar so far:
1. People love food. My donut cards are a popular item. Donut lovers unite! These are my people. 🍩 #donutlovers#getinmybelly 

2. Standing next to my booth and getting to hear people give their honest feedback about my work is both terrifying and AWESOME. "Is this frosting?" "I want to touch it" 

3. I didn't make enough inventory. 😩 How do you ever know how much to make? I worked tirelessly for weeks and my booth is already starting to look empty. Ok OK it's empty to me. There's still plenty really I'm probably just giving myself anxiety for no reason. 
#couldbeworse #firstworldproblems#okthisiskindofawesome 

4. One last thing, the chocolate chip cookies by the registers are 😍. Do it. Your mouth with thank you. 🍪🍪🍪#cookiesnomnomnom