642 Tiny Things to Write About

I am not a writer. I struggle keeping a blog current because lets face it, I have NO IDEA what to write about. I think my life is pretty uneventful and the coolest part of my days are usually surrounded by my favorite people, doing something adventurous or piling up some paint on a blank canvas. Oh and golf. I have a love/hate relationship with golf. The never ending game of tweaking. Keep your head down. Follow through. Pace yourself. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. Yep. That's basically me. So at the end of the day when I go to "blog"...

I got nothin.


Thanks to a random trip to Barnes and Noble the other night, I found this little beauty and it has opened my eyes to a new idea. What if I come up with a topic from this little booksy for my blog postings? 

Nailed it. 

No need to rack my brain to come up with a topic for the weekly post -- which, let's be real -- weekly is a stretch these days. A Big one.

So for today I begin my 642 Tiny Things to Write About. 


I used to work as an Operating Room Technician so I've seen a lot of broken parts. Literally. I've held someones intestines, I've helped cut out cancer, I've also seen idiots come into the OR mangled from not wearing a seatbelt or a teenager with a broken neck from jumping on a trampoline. It was REAL. 

When you assist in surgery, it's your job to make sure you have all the instruments the surgeon needs to be succeful. You have to know how deep they will need to go into tissue so you know what kind of suture to have available. I learned a lot about being sterile and how vital it is to speak up if the sterility of case is broken, otherwise - the patient runs a high risk of developing an infection. 

 Me bringing the sass to the OR. 

Me bringing the sass to the OR. 

When you pull all of the supplies and begin opening the packages, you do it in a very specific way so you don't come in contact with any of the supplies that will be used. Sometimes, you're in a big rush because the patient crashes -- think Gray's Anatomy. You know, when Kepner is freaking out because they are losing the patient and people are rushing all over the hospital in a calm yet frantic movement. Very much like the show, everyone in the operation room does an intricate waltz moving from one thing to another. The level of stress doesn't ever hit you while you're in it. It's always after. 

Anyway... Back to the topic, one day, I was coming in to relieve another OR Tech for their lunch break and I went to open the door where they keep all the sterile supplies. When I did, my face so was close to this massive door (I swear it was like 20 ton metal door) that I wacked my nose with door and broke my nose. I didn't notice it at first because I was so embarrassed. The doctor performing the surgery stopped and looked up at me and I just kept walking to pick up my gloves pretending nothing happened. When I got back into the OR, my mask was full of blood and I had to go get an x-ray. 

I guess it's not a bad place to break a bone. And the bonus was the swelling of my gigantic beaker was easily covered by our mandatory surgical masks.