Can I fit more than 2 people in one portrait? 
Yes, but it probably won't look very good. Painting with palette knives is bulky and doesn't allow the same details as a paint brush. The beauty of knife paintings is that mess, gooey, texture. I've found that painting multiple people on a smaller canvas doesn't allow for enough of the detail you need that make the subject easy to identify.   

What kind of picture should I send for my portrait? 
Any picture will work as long as it has dramatic lighting or one source. If that's confusing, think -- light on one side of the face and not as much on the other. It turns out very well if the picture is close up and has dramatic lighting. 

What is the turn around time for my painting?
It can vary based on the size, colors, and additives (mediums) I use when painting. For the black and white paintings it can take 1-2 weeks for the painting to dry. For color, it can take a month or even 6 weeks. If you have a rush, make sure you let me know so I can do my best to accommodate.