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Palette Knife Artist Trisha Lamoreaux

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B E   P E R S O N A L.

Whether you're looking for a gift for that boss or friend who has everything, or want to get something timeless for your loved one, invest in original art. Say you mean it with a thoughtful piece of art they will never forget. 

+ Support a living artist and give the gift of a family heirloom they will pass on for generations. 

I've created pieces for businesses, surprises for partners, large scale pieces for doctors offices, pieces for sports fans of their favorite athlete, musical icons, a pet lovers favorite pet, immortalized favorite photos, and everything in between.   

W H A T   D O  T H E Y  L O V E?  

Let's create a moment not just a gift. 


P A I N T  +  W A X

With palette knife paintings you're getting sculpture and paint together. Cold wax is mixed with oil paint to create depth that you can literally touch.

Portraits .JPG


Commissions are available as custom one-of-a-kind gifts to the sports fanatic, animal lovers, recently married, grieving pet owner, etc. 



For the boss who has everything, team members moving on to new opportunities, and / or employee recognition, consider a custom portrait.


C L A S S 

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