Pebble Beach 7th

'Pebble Beach 7th'

24" x 36" x 1"

I love to golf.  To me, there is nothing (aside from painting) that clears my head better than 18 holes on a sunny day.  I'm not thinking about the groceries I need to stop and get or what book report I need to remind one of the kids to finish up; all I'm thinking is it's a 7 iron to the center of the green. 

I wish I could say I'm a scratch golfer but my handicap card has a few double digits on it.  My local club is Hobble Creek.  It's fantastic!  Nestled in the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon you're surrounded by blankets of trees, the sound of running water and the occasional wild turkey or deer making it's way across the fairway.  One Saturday morning, I remember teeing off the first hole and a moose came strutting across the fairway.  He causally wandered his way into the pond and dunked his head in the water.  It was so beautiful!   

In honor of my love of golf I started this new series this week.