Tools and Texture

I love love love the texture the palette knife brings to a canvas.  This week I bought a few new palette knives to try out. The texture you can get from a different kind of knife is pretty remarkable.  For me I always use a round circular knife for flower petals.  You get a nice pull of the paint when you lift it from the canvas that mimics the natural petal pretty nicely.  Anyone up for a knife party?

After completing a few color studies this week I was left staring at this:

and this:

Dear paint, 

Will you please stop yelling at me?  I see how those petals jump off the panel and it makes me want to break the "Please Do Not Touch" policy.  I know you're just laying there enjoying the hardening of your skin and the crispy air but in all fairness this has to stop... please.  I can't concentrate.


Your Texture Loving Artist

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